What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education (CE) originated in Hungary and is a holistic educational movement approach developed by András Petö. It has been in the UK since the late 1980’s and most of the conductive education providers are registered charities that primarily focus on providing their services in their local area.

Many conductors in the UK are a part of the Professional Conductors Association, a professional body that develops guidelines to guarantee that the practice of conductive education mirrors the standards established for other professionals.

CE is a practical and successful method, which provides coping mechanisms and techniques to allow participants to learn to manage the difficulties caused by their movement disorder. It is built on the concept of human potential; the idea that everyone can develop and learn regardless of their starting point. There are many that agree that this statement is true however, there are many systems that place restrictions and barriers on learning. We find that many people with motor disorders spend much of their time thinking about what they cannot do and not on the potential that they have within themselves. Conductors are highly trained professionals (graduates) that are always looking for this potential in all of our clients. Conductors will nurture a person’s development and construct task series to enable success.