Children’s Services

Here at Megan Baker House we firmly believe that every child should be included in their learning regardless of their neurological movement disorder; whether this is through the use of structured tasks or play. All groups are led by Conductive Education Specialists who will support your child in their learning journey and help them to realise their own potential and celebrate each achievement.


At MBH all of our staff have been trained in movement disorders and use Conductive Education in every session. By nurturing and allowing each child to have fun and explore their own movements they will learn skills that will be useful in their everyday life. Across all of our centres we strive to support any child that may have a motor disorder such as Cerebral Palsy or Development Coordination Disorder (also known as Dyspraxia) and aim to provide them with many learning opportunities within the sessions that we run.


The services we provide are designed to meet individual needs, so please apply for an initial consultation to find out more about how we can help you and your child to achieve their goals regardless of their condition.

Our specialists also have many years experience working with other teaching and health professionals to form multi-disciplinary approaches for the child’s overall benefit.