Home Visits

Conductive Education sessions in the comfort of your own home.

If you require intensive and highly personalised intervention, MBH can offer home visits, particularly suitable for post-surgery rehabilitation, early stroke rehabilitation, and if you cannot travel to an MBH venue.

Sessions will focus on regaining mobility, independence and learning skills and techniques that you can practice in your own home and incorporate in your daily life.


My husband has had Parkinson’s for many years. Until March 2021 he was managing quite well and was mobile. He was attending MBH sessions weekly. 

He fell over March 2021 and broke his hip. He was hospitalised and his rehab was minimal. He was discharged needing carers and was unable to stand or walk. Physiotherapy was non-existent.

Sue from MBH had been in touch regularly and asked if we would like a home visit. We jumped at the chance!

During their first visit, Sue and Natasha asked my husband if he would like to walk again and he said yes. They stood him up and between them they walked across the room! It was a very emotional moment.

They have been coming regularly ever since. My husband is walking with help and a rollator. MBH have given him the confidence to walk again. He looks forward to their visits, even though they work him hard! He enjoys hearing news of his fellow group members. 

Without their help he would never have mobilised again and my husband, me and our family will be eternally grateful to everyone at MBH.