Intensive Sessions

MBH Intensive Sessions Summer 2024

Block 1 – 12th to 16th of August

Block 2 – 19th to 23rd of August

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At MBH we run two ‘blocks’ of intensive sessions every Summer, on the second and third week of August. These 2 hours group sessions run every day for 5 days and are planned and structured to improve specific skills in a short timeframe.
Each session will focus on a specific skill, such as fine manipulation, balance and coordination or walking as well as the general condition-specific programme. Participants are encouraged to work hard and have fun, motivate each other, and share their achievements.


I have been given lots of tools here to use in my day to day life. So much to think about. I know it will compliment the other exercises I do. I now intend to take up Nordic Walking. Every aspect of it has helped me, so pleased I have had these last five days. It’s been very beneficial.

My sense of wellbeing and positivity have improved, I don’t feel so hopeless about the diagnosis, and I can see how I can help myself.  I have learned how to move more effectively and confidently. 
The staff and the group have made me feel less isolated.  The sessions have been fun and the staff are so kind. It has been hard work but life changing.