Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce spasticity in the lower limbs. Here at Megan Baker House we deliver intensive courses for pre and post SDR surgery which would supplement those provided by physiotherapy. Each course will be focused on the individual and their goals.

Pre-SDR surgery

It is important that the child is as active as possible before they have SDR and this will help your child’s progress during rehabilitation, post surgery. We aim to teach your child movement patterns designed to strengthen their upper body using conductive education techniques as the focus of all sessions. It is important that the child takes an active part in the exercises so that they may improve their motor learning and use it post-SDR surgery.

Post-SDR surgery

Once your child has undergone SDR surgery it is vital that they begin their journey to recovery quickly so that they may regain skills and begin to become more independent. We use a task series at Megan Baker House that make up a routine of a session. We begin with a lying programme where the child is able to relearn movement patterns and then progress to a sitting programme. During the sitting programme the child is putting into practice what they have learnt during the lying programme but also improving their balance and weight transferring skills. In our standing programme we support the child in improving their balance, weight transference, and walking pattern.