Adults – Term time Sessions


Join a condition-specific weekly or fortnightly group at one of our venues!
Learn ways to manage your symptoms, improve mobility, increase independence, and meet other people like you.

The sessions at Megan Baker house are hard work, they challenge every aspect of my physical, mental and emotional being but wow it’s fantastic. I have learned techniques, skills and strategies to manage my Parkinson’s, everything from awareness of how I move to how I use my voice. Whilst I know that generally Parkinson’s will develop in the way in which it will affect me, without Sue and her team, I am sure I would not have maintained the level of control and motivation I have.

In addition to the all essential Conductive Education, I have met an amazing group of people, who I really miss during holidays! Sue has recently encouraged and supported me to set up and run a new Parkinson’s Support Group in Ledbury (Deerpark PaLS).

My advice to anyone considering Conductive Education, give it a go! It has changed my world and outlook greatly.



At MBH we offer bespoke plans designed to address your particular needs, and delivered by our qualified Conductive Education Specialists.


We also run weekly and fortnightly group and individual sessions for those who cannot attend in person. Our virtual sessions run remotely on Zoom or Microsoft Teams and require the use of a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. These sessions are adapted and structured to practice the skills and techniques of movement in your home environment.

Please contact us to book an initial consultation with one of our highly trained Conductive Education Specialists to find out how we can support you in your learning.