Retirement of Roger Taylor

January 7, 2021

Retirement of Roger Taylor

Retirement of Roger Taylor from the Board of MBH

My introduction to MBH and my time on the board of Trustees By Roger Taylor

I was introduced to MBH in the Autumn of 2012, when a work colleague (Lucy Small who is now Trustee) invited me and my wife to join a Firm team at a fundraising event at Moor Park School.   This took the form of a Wine Tasting Quiz. I accepted with alacrity, since we are both wine lovers, the Quiz Master happened to be  good friend of ours as well as being an expert in the wine trade and our children had all gone to the school.
The evening was a great success on every level.  Lee got herself round the teams to thank us all after the actual Quiz and I enjoyed a long and informative chat when she gave a succinct explanation of Conductive Education,  the founding of MBH and how it operated.
I was eager to learn more and visited The Centre at Moreton Eye subsequently where I could see what was going on and chatted to staff who happened to be free.

Lee asked me if I would like to become a Trustee and I said yes but I wanted to discuss it with my wife first.  Linda was fully in favour, saying it would be an intellectual challenge which was not work related and it would enable me to “ give something
back “ for what had been and continued to be, an enjoyable and successful legal career.
I became a Trustee and a Director of the limited company through which MBH delivers its services in January 2013.  I learnt on the job as it were and it has always been a consistent and rewarding role.
It has always been sociable as well, with monthly Trustees Meetings, fundraising events and the Christmas Lunch  (which obviously did not take place last year) where our current Chairman, Richard, introduced the custom of the Trustees cooking and serving the lunch to the staff. This is a longstanding custom in our Armed Services and has proved great fun for all.
There have been many challenges over the years to which we have had to respond and these have been identified and acted upon by Lee’s husband John, who is our Business Manager and whose contribution is invaluable in terms of running the business side and securing funding from Charitable Foundations, without which we simply could not operate.
Lee has been tireless in promoting MBH and over my time has been highly successful in building a Board of Trustees with different business backgrounds whose individual experiences combine to make a flexible and imaginative team with Lee and John.
This has been particularly important in recent years because our business model has had to evolve with the times.
In our case, this has meant expanding the delivery of CE beyond the Leominster catchment area by creating a centre at Ledbury with satellite services in shared venues and expanding to include CE for adults suffering from Parkinson’s which is delivered at village halls and similar venues.    
It was for this reason that we closed The Centre at Eye in September of last year, which was twelve months in the planning.  Covid has presented its own challenges and will continue to do so but at least we have the flexible model in place and working.
I have greatly enjoyed my time with MBH and have learnt a lot in the process.
It is in good hands and I send to all involved my heartfelt wishes for this year and beyond.
Roger Taylor

The retirement of Roger as a trustee of MBH ends a period of considerable change at the charity.  In Roger’s message he touches on only a few of the challenges that have faced us since 2012 and throughout all this time Roger has been a driving force and voice of reasoned judgement.  Roger was always my first point of call when I needed advice and it is difficult to over emphasis the contribution that he has made to the charity over the years.  He has been a key member of the MBH family and he will certainly be missed by all at the charity. 

Richard Wileman (Chairman)


As Chief Executive of the charity since 2011, the appointment of Roger was one of the first people I asked to join the board of Trustees.  I was delighted when he accepted and since then he has been a tremendous support to both myself and the Board of Trustees.  I will miss him but know he will remain in close contact with us.  Thank you, Roger. 

Lee Gough, Chief Executive