Mirror Box Therapy

What is it?

Mirror box therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses a simple mirror as the main component. Its aim is to regenerate brain signals to the arm that has been affected by a stroke. The mirror box is best used on a flat surface such as a table and you would place your affected arm inside and complete exercises with your non-affected arm and hand. With the mirror facing the non-affected arm the brain starts to ‘think’ that the affected arm is moving. This then begins the process of creating new signals to the brain and start reconnecting the arm to the brain which in turn positively impacts on movement.

What can I expect?

We aim to support you in which tasks to carry out whilst using the mirror box and to encourage you to actively use your affected arm and hand in everyday activities.

You will be given tasks that you will be able to complete independently using the mirror box, allowing you to assess the improvements you are making.