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Moor Park Fun

12th May 2014

66% of Brits 'uncomfortable' talking to disabled people!


Having seen this in the newspaper we wanted to stress how we are always keen to eliminate this 'uncomfortable' feeling...


Each week this summer term a group of 4 pupils from Moor Park have visited MBH to help a group of children as they undergo their conductive education.


When you walk in through the door at MBH it is immediately apparent that it is a special place. It is somewhere I wanted the children from Moor Park to be able to experience and contribute towards. As a trustee at MBH, I have the privilege of supporting the staff in order to help them continue the inspirational and life-changing work they do.


As a child at school, I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to help disabled children. I believe it is vital for children to have this experience whilst they are free from the social inhibitions of later life and are without many of the preconceptions that adulthood seems to bring today.


As the weeks have gone by, even those children who were concerned about the prospect of working with disabled children have very quickly realized what an immensely rewarding experience it is. The process has not only given the Moor Park children a chance to reflect upon how lucky they are, but also how determined the participants at MBH have to be to perform day to day tasks that most children take for granted. A highlight for me was watching one of our senior boys, a strong runner, sportsman etc, realizing that with arm splints on he could not pull up his trousers. The lower his trousers got, the more the other children laughed until someone had to help him. A funny story with a profound meaning for this boy.  


I hope some of the friendships both the children at MBH and Moor Park have made will be remembered for a long time and in some cases influence the paths they choose in life. Never has it been more the case that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


James Duffield MBH Trustee and School Master


Every Thursday, four Year 8s from Moor Park have been to Megan Baker House in Luston. It was a great experience. We loved meeting all of the children and really enjoyed playing with them. We also loved trying on the splints and going in the wheelchair to see what it was like to be disabled. I think this gave all of us a newfound respect for each of the children as we had briefly experienced what disabled life was like. We especially enjoyed the blindfolded obstacle course! It was an amazing opportunity and we are very grateful that we got the chance to go. We look forward to seeing the children at Moor Park and having lunch with them.


Sarah Blake Aged 13


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