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Little Jobe

25th June 2014

Ben Taylor-Davies has a 3 year old son that attends Megan Baker House and heres what he has to say...


Our story like many has sadness and joy
About our son Jobe, such a happy young boy. 
On a normal warm day, 18 months now past,
To change us forever - a lifetime will last

You always assume your life will be normal
When you discover its not, the feeling is awful
And as you come to terms with what you are told
You wonder each day what the future will hold

The thanks that we gave that our son was still here
Was soon overcome with emotion, self pity and fear.
From total control and life so well planned
We had been slowed down, like running in sand

A brain that has been injured doesn't just mend
Unlike an arm in plaster, 6 weeks it'll spend
A journey you start, the road is for miles
A millimeter each day - thank god for the smiles

Steady progress you make up the endless hill
As you explain to onlookers 'our child is ill'
Aqua therapy and physio they all play there part
But as you glance over your shoulder, you can still see the start

The things in our lives we all take as read
Like chatting, walking and taking ourselves off to bed
Independence you see,  the most natural of pleasures
But who  considers it as one of  life treasures?

Considering our options, one name would repeat
In a barn north of Leominster where they don't do defeat
Conductive education, we knew nothing of it
Where they improve peoples lives, with determination and grit

Jobe had his assessment on a winters day cold,
Did they think they could help him? What would we be told?
the email good news, his objectives in plan
Independence the aim,  and a new journey began

Every Thursday our group with Alfie and Sophie
Are educated by  conductors Zoe and Chloe
The progress they've made, we cannot deny
Has encouraged them all to reach for the sky

Road journeys  I've mentioned, but also pathways,
Independence of people to fulfill happy days,
A charity here to allow us to  dream
Megan baker house and their wonderful team.


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